Bankruptcy Lawyer Dayton Ohio Free Consultation

Bankruptcy Lawyer Dayton Ohio Free Consultation

Declaring bankruptcy is never an easy decision to make. After reviewing your options you’ll find that bankruptcy is the only option that can guarantee you a FRESH START.

Thank you for visiting the website of Harold W. Wampler, III, an experienced Bankruptcy lawyer in Dayton Ohio. We can solve your money problems enabling you to obtain a financial fresh start. By limiting our services to individual clients and small business in consumer bankruptcy we are able to provide capable and knowledgeable legal services at an affordable price. For over 30 years we have helped thousands in the Dayton/Montgomery County area and in the following counties: Greene, Clark, Miami, Darke, Preble, Warren, Shelby, Clinton, and Champaign.

We offer debt relief services that includes consumer bankruptcy law, bankruptcy debt relief, bankruptcy protection from creditors, Debt Consolidation PLAN, III, Debt Reorganization, stopping foreclosure of your residence, bankruptcy Chapter 13 PLAN, debt consolidation, stopping repossessions, bankruptcy debt consolidation Chapter 13 PLAN, bill consolidation, bankruptcy Chapter 13 reorganization, recovering property from repossession, bringing your mortgage payments current, Chapter 13 reorganization, bankruptcy Chapter 13 debt consolidation PLAN for small business, Chapter 13 debt reorganization PLAN, bankruptcy Chapter 7 debt elimination, bankruptcy debt elimination, Debt Elimination, bankruptcy Chapter 7, debt forgiveness, bankruptcy Chapter 7 PLAN for small business, Chapter 7, debt relief negotiation, Chapter 13 stripping of unsecured second mortgage liens, certificate of judgment lien avoidance, management of income taxes owed to taxing authorities, and all other aspects of Debt Relief.

Our 30 years of experience can eliminate the anxiety caused by money problems and give you peace of mind.

Getting Started is EASY

CALL our law firm in Dayton at (937) 252-0002 and speak to the helpful bankruptcy attorney of Dayton to set up your appointment for a Free Consultation with No Obligation. Just bring us a general knowledge of your income, debts, and property, we will take it from there. We will meet with you in a private and confidential setting and after reviewing your concerns advise you if a Chapter 7 PLAN or Chapter 13 PLAN bankruptcy can provide you with the DEBT RELIEF that you seek. This Free Consultation can give you PEACE OF MIND

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