File Bankruptcy under Chapter 7

The Chapter 7 PLAN is an alternative to the Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation PLAN. Whereas both Plans will eliminate your debt and provide you with Debt Relief, there are a number of factors to be considered in choosing the best PLAN for you to give you the maximum benefit for the Debt Relief and Financial Freedom that you seek. The primary purpose of the Chapter 7 PLAN is to legally Eliminate all of your unsecured Debt and allow you to receive a Financial Fresh Start. Examples of unsecured debt are medical bills, credit card debt, signature loans, and those debtsthat are not secured or collateralized with your car, your house, or other identifiable personal or real property.

Thus, under a Chapter 7 PLAN your unsecured Debt is Eliminated. While filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must make a choice as to how to deal with your secured debt, your car payment, your house payment, or any other secured debt payments that you are paying. If you wish to continue paying your secured debt (your house payment, car payment, and the like) we can set this up for you. This way you only Eliminate all of your unsecured Debt: medical bills, credit card debt, personal loans, and other similar debt.

However, our Chapter 7 PLAN has other benefits. At your Free initial, No Obligation and Confidential Consultation, we will meet with you privately and assist you in deciding which PLAN will work best for you and your family. After the Free initial Consultation and a Careful Review of your Financial Concerns, and we have advised you of the best PLAN for you, you are under No Obligation to do anything. The Choice is Yours.

The Chapter 7 PLAN will Eliminate or discharge unsecured Debt such as medical bills, credit card debt, unsecured personal loans, some qualifying Tax Debt over three (3) years old, qualifying judgments resulting from car accidents, Debt resulting from car repossession, payday loans, garnishments and other similar type debt.

However, the Chapter 7 PLAN may not Eliminate or discharge secured Debt such as house payments or car payments unless you do not wish to continue to pay on this Debt. If you have decided that you do not want to continue paying on any of your secured Debt, you must surrender the property that is secured by that Debt to the creditor of the Debt. This surrender of property is in full satisfaction of the Debt and you will owe nothing on the debt to the creditor. The specific details of these matters regarding your case will be discussed at your Free initial, No ObligationConfidential Consultation.